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India, the UAE, and Oman's Al Rahi Group were established in 2007. Since then, we have worked to reach higher altitudes and have come to recognize that our quality Roastery Products and Dates have the potential to help us become one of the most renowned brands in the GCC food sector within a decade. The mission of Al Rahi Roastery is to bring natural ingredients and products from around the world to every table while fostering relationships at a reasonable price. It reflects and focuses on both local and global markets. For the benefit of our consumers, as a company, we respect, recognize, and endeavor to safeguard and preserve a healthy community.

FMCG products typically have a shorter shelf life, are frequently purchased for daily use, and foster customer loyalty. As a result, companies in this industry conduct high levels of trade, which necessitates extensive distribution networks, effective cost management techniques, and quick inventory turnover rates for success. Regardless of the specific product categories and sales locations, our business's purpose of promoting sustainable living remains central to our operations.


Al Rahi, One Of The Most Recognizable Companies In The UAE Culinary Industry, Is Located In Ajman. Rahi Is The Highest Quality And Sanitary In The Manufacturing And Supply Chain In The Local Retail Market With Its Own Brand Shops Across The UAE, OMAN, And INDIA.

With 135 retail locations and partnerships with significant hypermarkets in the area, WE OPERATE IN THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, THE SULTANATE OF OMAN, AND THE REPUBLIC OF INDIA.

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Latest New and Events

New and Events

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Jabal Ali's 24th Branch

We are excited to announce that alrahi roastery will open the 24th branch on 24th October at 4 pm in....

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25th branch of Al-Rahi Roasteries officially opened in Jebal Ali.

On December 11, 2020, at 15:30 GMT+4, the Al Rahi team opened the chain's 25th location in Jebal Ali....

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Online Store

Our wide range of products includes Spices, Pulses, Curry Powders, Rice and Rice Powders etc. Al Rah....

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